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Finnair Damaged Baggage Compensation

Finnair damaged baggage compensation.

Are you entitled to a compensation? What are the rules?

Baggage damage can occur. We’re not discussing minor scrapes, tiny dents, and other usage marks on your suitcase. Finnair is not liable for this kind of small damage. However, Finnair must answer for significant damage such as shattered wheels and handles and other severe issues, like holes or even splitting.

What to do if your luggage is damaged?

What to Do If Your Luggage Is Damaged?

First off, report the damage.

Don’t exit the baggage claim area (baggage hall), and try to locate the Baggage Service Office. This is usually found in the baggage hall close to the baggage carousels. Here, you can file a damage report for your bag.

Have your passport and boarding pass ready. Bring your damaged bag. Complete the report and you will be provided with the next steps. It’s likely that the airline will fix your bag free of charge. If your suitcase or bag can’t be repaired, Finnair will replace it.

If you notice the damage after departing from the airport, at home or hotel, you can make a claim on the website of Finnair within 7 days after arrival. Make sure you don’t miss this deadline. It’s recommended to report the damage the moment you discover it.

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Finnair Damaged Baggage Compensation

What rights do you have when your baggage is damaged?

Could you receive Finnair damaged baggage compensation?

Damaged Baggage Compensation

If your checked baggage is damaged, you could receive compensation.

Finnair is responsible for it, and you may receive compensation of up to €1300.

The amount of compensation depends on the value of your damaged bag. It’s intended to cover your cost of purchasing a new bag of the same value.

Always remember to file your Finnair compensation claim.

The airline must deliver this compensation to your bank account. You are not required to accept a Finnair voucher, miles or coupons. Please be aware that it’s not recommended to pack electronics, art, jewellery, etc., in your checked baggage, because Finnair isn’t obliged to compensate for the full value of such items, only to the level specified by the Montreal Convention and its Conditions of Carriage.

If the damage arises due to a defect in the bag, you won’t be entitled to compensation. Also, Finnair is not liable for minor damage like scrapes, tiny dents, and other regular usage signs on your suitcase. Unfortunate but that’s the reality of air travel.

Reimbursement of Expenses

Mostly, you won’t receive anything in this circumstance.

If your baggage is lost or delayed, and you have to replace any essential items, you are entitled to reimbursement for your expenses (sometimes referred to as delayed baggage compensation). You purchase all these crucial things, then make a claim providing all the receipts, and Finnair reimburses you.

You have 21 days from the day you receive your lost baggage to file a claim for reimbursement. But this is applicable only when your baggage is lost or delayed.

Remember – this applies only to essential items.

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Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Is insurance necessary for claiming Finnair damaged baggage compensation?

No. It’s not necessary, but it can come in handy in many other situations. Because having a proper insurance is always beneficial.

When it comes to damaged baggage compensation, Finnair will take responsibility for your bag and its secure delivery due to the Montreal Convention, a treaty that applies to the carriage of baggage. It applies to most international flights of Finnair and other airlines globally. You don’t have to have insurance to claim compensation from the airline.

If you have insurance, however, it might assist you in getting compensation faster. When you have filed a damage report for your bag, get in touch with your travel insurance company to inquire what to do next. Your travel insurance may compensate for the cash value or price of your bag. You’ll need the paperwork you’ve obtained at Baggage Service Office to make a claim.

Please be aware that not all insurance policies cover baggage damage. Ensure to check this in advance, to prevent unnecessary stress and unpleasant surprises later.

Travel Prepared

Having a backup plan is always wise.

It’s an excellent idea to include a change of clothes and some underwear in your carry-on. Just in case your suitcase and its contents get damaged. Also, refrain from packing valuable items, money, medications, documents, and credit cards in your checked bag. If your bag gets severely damaged (like large holes or splits), its contents might be damaged, too. Or some of the contents might even get lost.

Consider taking a packable or foldable duffle bag with you. If your bag suffers serious damage, transfer your belongings to this duffel bag. Even if you don’t use it for compensation purposes, the packable duffle bag might come in handy if you run out of luggage space at the end of your trip.

Good preparation helps to avoid a majority of potential problems while traveling. Pack sensibly and always keep your belongings safe! Enjoy your trip!

Please note that the rules for compensation for delayed or lost baggage with Finnair are the same as those for other airlines. This is due to the Montreal Convention, which applies to the carriage of baggage on most international flights operated by Finnair and other airlines globally.

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