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Finnair Lost Baggage Compensation

Finnair lost baggage compensation.

How much can you claim? What are the rules?

Lost baggage is a common issue in air travel, which can occur due to various reasons such as errors during transfer, improper handling, or a simple mislabeling. The disappointment of not seeing your checked bag on the carousel can indeed ruin your travel plans.

What to do if your luggage is lost?

What to Do If Your Luggage Is Lost?

What should you do when your luggage is lost?

Promptly report the loss of your baggage. The Baggage Service Office, typically located near the baggage carousels, is where you can do this.

Ensure that you have your passport, boarding pass, and luggage tag with you. A photograph of your bag can expedite the process. However, if you don’t have it, a thorough description of your bag will suffice.

Once you’ve filled out the report, you’ll receive a Property Irregularity Report and a reference number. Don’t misplace this document, as it’s crucial for online tracking of your bag. The process to locate your lost baggage could take 24 hours or longer. You can anticipate that your bag will be delivered to your hotel or residence.

Tracking Your Lost Baggage

Your lost bag’s progress can be tracked online.

Use the unique reference number from your Property Irregularity Report (provided at the airport) to trace your bag using Finnair’s online baggage tracing system (it’s called the World Tracer tool).

When Finnair staff have located your baggage, they will get in touch with you.

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Finnair Lost Baggage Compensation

What are you entitled to if your baggage is lost?

Can you get Finnair lost baggage compensation? Will Finnair cover the cost of replacing your items? Is your baggage truly lost or merely delayed?

Baggage Delayed For a Few Days

Airlines try to locate misplaced baggage within a 24-hour window.

It’s crucial to understand that in the majority of cases, suitcases are located and delivered within a span of 72 hours.

For easy online tracking of your missing bag’s status, you can take advantage of the World Tracer Tool. By entering the designated PIR (Property Irregularity Report) number, you gain the ability to oversee your bag’s journey throughout the complete process.

Reimbursement of Expenses

If your baggage gets lost and you need to purchase essential items like toiletries, underwear, and necessary clothing, you may be reimbursed for these expenses, termed as delayed baggage compensation. Bear in mind that you might not receive immediate payment.

Take note that the compensation will cover only necessary items such as toiletries, underwear, and essential clothing – items you cannot do without.

Ensure to retain all your receipts as they are required when filing a claim for additional expenses. It’s important to file the claim and receive reimbursement within 21 days of receiving your lost baggage, so don’t miss this deadline.

Lost Baggage Compensation

If Finnair has not located your bag within 21 days, you may be eligible for compensation up to €1300 for the lost items. Provide Finnair with a comprehensive list of your lost baggage’s contents to receive this compensation. It’s recommended to prepare this list ahead of time.

Finnair will directly pay this compensation to your bank account. You’re not obliged to accept any Finnair vouchers. After all, a voucher won’t help you purchase a new suitcase, right?

It’s not advisable to stow valuable items such as electronics, art, or jewelry in your checked baggage, as Finnair’s compensation is limited as per the Montreal Convention and its Conditions of Carriage.

You can also submit a claim for any additional expenses incurred.

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Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Is travel insurance mandatory to claim lost baggage compensation?

No, it’s not required to have travel insurance to claim Finnair lost baggage compensation. However, travel insurance can offer extra protection and cover for expenses due to the loss of your baggage, such as buying replacement items or clothes.

A comprehensive travel insurance policy can ease your journey, particularly during unforeseen circumstances. Your insurance provider will mostly handle the consequences. Travel insurance is usually inexpensive or might be a part of your debit or credit card benefits.

If the airline is liable for lost or delayed baggage, you might receive compensation for necessary purchases. Reimbursement can be obtained from either the airline or your insurance provider. Retaining all receipts is vital when claiming expenses. Insurance claims can be more efficient than claiming with the airline.

Not all insurance policies cover delayed or lost baggage.

Always check what your travel insurance covers.

Travel Prepared

Anticipating unforeseen circumstances and planning accordingly is a key aspect of sensible travel. While instances of losing baggage are not too often, it’s nevertheless crucial to be equipped with a contingency plan.

Think about packing additional clothing and underwear in your hand baggage, to safeguard against situations where your checked-in baggage is temporarily lost or delayed.

Ensure that you keep any essential medication or valuable items in your hand baggage, ensuring their accessibility regardless of the fate of your checked baggage. Be conscious of the possibility of your checked baggage being lost or delayed during your trip and strategize to minimize any stress or inconvenience.

Please note that the rules for compensation for delayed or lost baggage with Finnair are the same as those for other airlines. This is due to the Montreal Convention, which applies to the carriage of baggage on most international flights operated by Finnair and other airlines globally.

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