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Finnair Delayed Baggage Compensation

Finnair delayed baggage compensation.

How much can you get? What regulations apply?

The moment of realization that your checked baggage hasn’t arrived can be highly disappointing. This is a frequent problem encountered by air travelers – your baggage could have been misplaced or might not have been transported onto your connecting flight on time. Regardless of the cause, the absence of your baggage is always an inconvenience.

What to do if your luggage is lost?

What to Do If Your Luggage Is Lost?

What to do when your luggage is lost?

The foremost thing to do is to report the lost/delayed baggage promptly.

As soon as you find that your baggage is delayed, bring it to the notice of the official at the baggage claim area. To lodge a lost bag complaint, you should have your passport, boarding pass, and luggage tag (a sticker with a barcode usually affixed to your boarding pass during check-in).

Providing a photograph of your bag can expedite the process, though it’s not obligatory. Even with just your passport and boarding pass (with a luggage tag), you can continue with the loss report. In addition to your passport and boarding pass, you will need to provide the description of your bag – details like color, material, bag type (suitcase or duffel bag, etc.), any stickers, luggage belts, etc.

The official will record your contact details and provide you a Property Irregularity Report or PIR with an individual reference number for tracking purposes. Keep this document safe.

If your baggage is lost, it is usually located within the first 24 hours. After your bag is found, the airline will get in touch with you to fix a delivery time.

Tracking Your Lost Baggage

You have received a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) at the airport that contains a unique reference number. Preserve this well as you will need it to trace your baggage.

To monitor the status of your lost bag, utilize the airline’s online baggage tracing system (World Tracer Service). The officials will provide you the details when you report your lost bag. Essential details like your name and PIR are mandatory to use this baggage tracker.

Remember, the number on your luggage tag isn’t the same as your PIR number.

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Finnair Delayed Baggage Compensation

What are your entitlements if your baggage is delayed?

Could you be eligible for Finnair delayed baggage compensation?

Baggage Delayed For a Few Days

Airlines try to locate misplaced baggage within a 24-hour window.

It’s crucial to understand that in the majority of cases, suitcases are located and delivered within a span of 72 hours.

For easy online tracking of your missing bag’s status, you can take advantage of the World Tracer Tool. By entering the designated PIR (Property Irregularity Report) number, you gain the ability to oversee your bag’s journey throughout the complete process.

Reimbursement of Expenses

Keep in mind that you can be compensated for necessary expenses like toiletries, underwear, and required clothes if your baggage is lost. However, you need to retain the receipts for these purchases as they will be mandatory for filing a claim. Only essential items are eligible for compensation.

The claim needs to be filed within 21 days from the date when the lost baggage is received.

This reimbursement is often called “delayed baggage compensation”.

Lost Baggage (You Can Get Compensation)

Finnair has 21 days to find and return your baggage.

If your delayed baggage hasn’t been located within 21 days, it is officially considered lost. Once this occurs, you can make a claim for Finnair lost baggage compensation.

You might be eligible to receive up to €1300 compensation.

Please be aware that it’s not recommended to transport electronics, art, jewellery, etc., in checked baggage, because Finnair (or any other airline) isn’t responsible to reimburse for the full value of such items, only to the extent stipulated by the Montreal Convention and its Conditions of Carriage.

When making a claim, you need to present your boarding pass, baggage tag (a sticker affixed to your boarding pass), and the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with your reference number. If you had incurred any additional expenses while waiting for your baggage, you can file a claim by providing receipts for your purchases.

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Is Travel Insurance Necessary?

Is travel insurance truly a necessity?

While it’s not a strict requirement to have travel insurance when filing a claim, it is a highly advised precautionary measure.

Having travel insurance tends to enhance your travel experience by offering comfort amid unexpected hiccups. It is typically affordable and worth the cost.

If your baggage gets misplaced or delayed due to no fault of yours, your insurance policy might cover the cost of essential purchases. This could potentially be a smoother process than dealing directly with the airline.

In the event of making such purchases, promptly contacting your insurer and retaining receipts is crucial. Ensure that you understand the specifics of your policy, including if it extends to baggage delay coverage.

Travel Prepared

How can you best prepare for potential baggage loss or delay?

One key tip is to pack a change of clothes and underwear in your hand luggage. This comes in handy especially while traveling to destinations with a tropical climate where suitable weather-specific clothes and swimwear are needed. It’s also wise to carry medications and valuable items in your hand bag as a security measure against the loss of your checked-in baggage.

Additionally, don’t forget about your rights! If your bag is delayed, you may be entitled to Finnair delayed baggage compensation (i.e., reimbursement for your expenses). If your bag is lost, you may be entitled to lost baggage compensation.

Please note that the rules for compensation for delayed or lost baggage with Finnair are the same as those for other airlines. This is due to the Montreal Convention, which applies to the carriage of baggage on most international flights operated by Finnair and other airlines globally.

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