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Your Finnair Flight Is Delayed. Should You Wait at Home?

Have you just discovered that your Finnair flight is delayed by checking your flight status online? You might be pondering what to do next. Should you carry on to the airport as initially planned or should you opt to wait at home or at your hotel? Flight delays can range from a short 30-minute delay to an extensive 23-hour delay, potentially leaving you stuck at the airport for a day. The question surfaces as to whether you must really wait at the airport for 23 hours until Finnair resolves the situation?

The answer depends on a few factors.

Your Finnair Flight Is Delayed. Should You Wait or Proceed as Planned?

Your Finnair flight is delayed. What to do if your flight is delayed?

Are you presently at your home/hotel?

Or have you already made it to the airport?

Scenario 1 – You Are at the Gate, Waiting for Your Flight

You are patiently waiting at the gate for your flight when the news that your flight has been delayed is announced. What’s the next step?

Simply continue to wait at the gate for further updates regarding your flight status.

Scenario 2 – You Are at the Airport, But You Haven’t Yet Gone Through Airport Security

You’re at the airport, waiting to pass through security, and then you learn that your flight has been delayed. It is advisable to stay where you are. Before advancing any further, make sure to verify if there are any updates regarding your flight’s check-in time. If the check-in time has been delayed, it is best to wait before going through security.

Have you already checked in online?

Wait anyway. Don’t proceed until check-in starts.

Scenario 3 – You Are at Home or Hotel

Determine whether check-in has been delayed or not.

To inquire about the new check-in time, call Finnair or verify with the airport information desk.

If the check-in time is delayed, you don’t need to rush to the airport right away. You can stay at your hotel or home. However, if the check-in time remains the same, it’s recommended to adhere to your original plans and head to the airport as planned.

If the check-in time is delayed, wait for now.

If check-in is not delayed — go to the airport as planned.

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How to Check Finnair Flight Status Online?

Here are some options to check your flight status online:

  • The website of the airport from where your flight is departing;
  • The airline’s website ( in this case);
  • Flight trackers like Flightradar24.

It’s recommended to verify your flight’s status before leaving for the airport, particularly for early morning flights. You wouldn’t want to arrive at the airport at 5 am only to discover that your flight has been delayed or canceled, and then have to wait for several hours. To avoid that, it’s best to verify the status right after waking up. It’s also recommended to check the status again just before departing your home or hotel to ensure there are no last-minute changes.

Usually travellers find out about the delay:

  • By SMS or email from the airline, notifying of the delay;
  • When checking the flight status online;
  • Already at the airport, or even at the gate.

What If You Are Going to Miss Connecting Flight Due to Flight Delay?

Your Finnair flight is delayed, and you have another flight to catch.

If you have a connecting flight with Finnair, they will arrange a new flight for you at no extra cost if you miss your connection (due to delay or cancellation). Just approach the Finnair staff for assistance.

However, if you have a self-transfer flight, missing your connection is your responsibility and you’ll need to purchase a new flight. Keep in mind that you can get flight compensation for that particular disrupted flight, but you will need to arrange a new flight yourself.

Right to Care at the Airport

Passengers who are left waiting at the airport owing to a flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding have the right to certain benefits (“right to care“).

  • During a relatively short delay of 3 hours or more that occurs during daytime, Finnair is obligated to provide complimentary food and drinks, as well as two forms of communication (such as phone calls, emails or faxes), usually offered through vouchers.
  • In case of an overnight delay, Finnair has to provide free hotel accommodation, transportation to and from the airport, and one or two meals at no extra charge.

If you haven’t received any of these benefits, contact Finnair for assistance.

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Could You Be Entitled to Finnair Flight Delay Compensation?

Yes, you could be entitled to Finnair flight delay compensation.

If your flight has been delayed for more than three hours, or if it has been cancelled without a notice of at least 14 days, you may be eligible for a compensation of up to 600 euros under EU law, unless the delay or cancellation was due to extraordinary circumstances.

This right applies regardless of the ticket price and your nationality. It’s crucial to keep your boarding pass and other travel documents, as you may need them when claiming compensation. If you need help with the process, there are services available that can assist you in claiming your compensation from Finnair – our partners provide such services (you can use compensation claim form linked on this website).

Can You Get Flight Delay Compensation in Case of a Finnair Strike?

If your Finnair flight is delayed or cancelled due to a strike, there are two possibilities – it’s either a strike of Finnair staff or some other kind of strike.

Generally, if the strike is initiated by airport staff, air traffic control, or a labor strike that does not directly involve Finnair, you will not be eligible for compensation. This is considered an extraordinary circumstance, and airlines are not typically held accountable.

However, if the strike involves Finnair’s own employees, the airline most likely will be required to compensate passengers. Always check the specific circumstances surrounding your delay or cancellation, and double-check what you are told by the airline.

Can You Get Delay Compensation in Case of Technical Problems with the Airplane?

Yes, if your Finnair flight is delayed due to technical issues with the airplane, you may be entitled to flight delay compensation.

Mostly, these issues are not considered extraordinary circumstances.

However, there may be exceptions in certain cases, such as if the technical problems were caused by hidden manufacturing defects.

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What would you do in a similar situation? If your Finnair flight is delayed. Have you ever received flight delay compensation from Finnair? Share your experience in the comments.